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Mɛnde yia

(Mende language)

About Mendeland

Mendeland was created out of a passion for language-learning, and a love of Sierra Leonean and Mende culture.

The Mende language is part of the Mande family of languages and is spoken by around 1.9 million people. It is found in the Eastern and Southern provinces of Sierra Leone. Dialects of the Mende language include Boumpe, Hulo, Ko, Kossa, Kosso, Kpa, Sewawa, and Waanjama. A syllabary called Kikakui was developed by Kisimi Kamara to write the Mende language. 


Mendeland is a resource for anyone who would like to learn the Mende language. You may be a traveler, Mende descendant, or aspiring polyglot 5,000 miles away from Sierra Leone. No matter your background, we want the Mende language to be accessible to all.

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