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Welcome to Mendeland!

We are the #1 resource for Mende language learning. Learn from native speakers and join a community of nearly 2 million people!

Speaking your native tongue is such an important part of the African identity. Due to immigration, assimilation and unfortunately enslavement, many of us have lost our native languages and dialects. We all have a right to know and speak our languages and most importantly to know our diverse heritages and ancestries. DNA testing has allowed some of us to make connections to the Continent. Many are now aware of their origins and the languages once spoken by their ancestors and currently spoken by their relatives. It's in our blood and no one can take that! Learning the original languages of your people is an important step for you to take as you discover more about yourself and who your people were. Mende people are very proud of their culture and language and are more than happy to teach their brothers and sisters this beautiful West African language!

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